California Flower Fields limited edition serigraph silkscreen by Steven Ray Miller Durham NC artist


In my travels, I came upon this scene near Lompoc, California. Yes – I jumped out of my 1971 VW van and started clicking. Remember – these were the days of film – with no results to be seen until the film was processed days later.  I felt incredibly lucky to have seen this scene.

I am very pleased with the very deep depth of field, from the row of flowers right at your feet, to the worker who is very small, and the layers of hills in the background.

This sixteen color serigraph (silkscreen print) has received awards from Curators of the Whitney Museum of American Art. It was printed by Master Printer Carson Tredgett in Charlotte, NC in the summer of 1980. I was the “racker” who pulled the sheets off of the press, and placed them onto drying racks. Each sheet is printed 16 times, once for each color.  Carson did an AMAZING job of cutting the films, and keeping the prints “in register”, (properly aligned) to produce very crisp lines of color.

This is my most valuable print – I only have a few left.

Medium: Limited edition serigraph (silkscreen)

Dimensions: 15″ x 25″

Price: $1900.