Ninth Street limited edition lithograph by Steven Ray Miller Durham NC artist

Ninth Street, Durham

Ninth Street, Durham is one block from Duke University’s East campus.  This painting depicts 1994, when the Ninth Street Bakery was still on Ninth Street.  Fortunately the Ninth Street Bakery is now thriving in downtown Durham.

Elmo’s is there now – serving great food for a long time.  You can actually see the ingredients in all of their dishes!  Not many restaurants will do that. The familiar checkerboard of Barnes Supply has been part of Durham’s landscape for many decades.

Ninth Street is a great street to visit.  Lots to eat, and lots to see – I have heard it referred to as “Granola Heights”.

There are several hearts here, but they are too small to see on your computer.

Medium: Limited edition lithograph

Dimensions: 11″ x 8.5″

Price: $95.