Statue of Liberty original 3-D acrylic painting on glass by Steven Ray Miller Durham NC artist

Statue of Liberty

This is my first painting of the Statue of Liberty. I wish you could see this painting in person. The statue actually stands in front of the sky, providing a dynamic 3-dimensional presence.  The tiny people below the statue help to give a sense of scale to this incredible monument that continues to inspire so many millions of Americans and visitors from other countries.

For me, the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the greatness of our country, gaining strength from the opportunities we have provided to so many of our ancestors, including mine, for so many generations.  We are a nation of immigrants.

Thanks to my son, Eli, for taking the photograph that was the starting point for this painting.

There are 9 hearts in this painting – several are too small to see on your computer.

Medium: Original acrylic painting on two layers of glass

Dimensions: 18″ x 30″ image size. The painting is already framed.

Price: $7500.